Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Turn Your Windows Desktop To 3D Desktop

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How about to change your normal desktop into 3d desktop? Did you ever know that you can do this by using a simple software. By using Real Desktop you can turn your normal desktop into 3d desktop. This software supports on all windows operating systems  and its absolutely available for free.
Real Desktop is a software which turns your normal desktop into 3d desktop. In this software you can customize the icons like increase and change the size of icons, fill the desktop with creative apps, integrate own graphics and this software uses your graphics card for rendition of the new desktop. The software does not slow down the speed of your computer or harm your PC.
Tip : By holding the Right Mouse Button for  ¼ of a second you will see a new menu for changing Camera View. There is also an option to launch sticky notes. You can Zoom the desktop by double clicking on the empty space.
Do not install this software from any other websites because this can attack your PC with latest virus and may hack your computer.
To download the secured version click the below download link.
Recommended Requirements
  1. Operating system Windows® 7/Vista/XP,
  2. Windows DirectX 9.0,
  3. 512 MB RAM memory or even more,
  4. DirectX able graphic card: 128 MB NVIDIA® Geforce™ 6 or better,
  5. Screen resolution 1280 x 1024 ,
  6. Internet connection.
I hope you will be enjoying with this cool effect and please let us know if you have any alternative apps.


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