Friday, 18 May 2012

Download SWF File From Website With Ease

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Here’s how to configure IDM to download swf file from website

  1. Open Internet Download Manager software
  2. Click on “Options” button from the toolbar
    download swf file from website
  3. Now click on “Edit” button located beside “Customize IDM download panels in browsers” text (bottom most button in that panel)
    download flash videos from websites
  4. Now you can add the file formats by clicking on “Add” button
    how to download flash videos from websites
  5. Specify the file format as “SWF” (without quotes)
    download flv videos from websites
  6. That’s it.. Now click on OK button twice
  7. Now restart your browser and navigate to any website which contains flash game or animation (swf content), Now you could see the IDM download button above the swf content which allows you to download the respective swf with a single click.
  8. Finally just choose the destination on your PC to download the swf file and enjoy flash games offline!


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