Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Facebook security trick

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Hi guys my previous post was about disabling timeline of facebook. As facebook is a daily routine for many students and youth I thought of posting on another facebook security tip. This will help you when you browse facebook in any internet cafe.

FB Security Tip:

While using FB in Public Shared Computers like Internet Cafe or Office.. use ONE TIME PASSWORD!

Here is the procedure to get one time password ,
Before login, Take your mobile and SMS 'OTP' to 32665 or FBOOK
You will get a ONE TIME PASSWORD in your Inbox. Login to your account using that password.
Not your Regular password.
(This password will be Expired in 20 Mins.)

Note: First you have to Register your Mobile Number to FB account.

Share us on facebook and even like the post on facebook so that even your friends also will be safe


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