Thursday, 17 May 2012

3 Incredible New Tab Start Pages for Google Chrome

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Today we are going to see 3 beautiful new tab start pages for Google chrome. If you’re using chrome as your default browser, sync all your bookmarks and passwords in Chrome, then you should try these new start pages which are very useful. By default, when you open a new tab pageor new start page, the Chrome provides a speed dial like interface of most frequently visited websites in a thumbnail view. Change the default look with these new start pages.

Bookolio Homepage for Chrome

Bookolio presents itself as an extension for the Google Chrome browser and lets you access your favorites and use your favorite search engines, quickly and elegantly. It has better, more aesthetic, but more importantly, even more convenient.
Once installed, Bookolio will integrate automatically your home page and your page “new tab”. You can then view your favorites and all the content of your favorite folders using dropdowns, but also access to virtually any search engine (Amazon, Ask, Baidu, Bing, Daylimotion, Deezer, deviantART, digg, eBay, Eurogamer, facebook, flickr and more)
It places 4 small tabs on the top left of the page. You can find favorites, your applications, Websites recently visited and websites recently closed (Bookolio doesn’t take into account the tabs that were closed prior to it’s installation). There are lot of options and customizations that you can do. Try it yourself and you will love it.
Incredible StartPage
One of the best replacement for new tab pages for Chrome. Get all your favorites in a new tab, organize them and get handy features like multiple notepads, manage & launch web apps from the web store, post notes to Google/Google App accounts, notepad sync across computers by Chrome Sync.
Apart from this you can customize color themes and easily access your favorite bookmarks in a large frame and recover recently closed tabs easily. The theme options provided helps you to select background images from Flickr, Simply drag and drop bookmarks in the start page. Also organize the apps that you use from the My apps in chrome web store.
Major feature is the sticky notes.The Sticky notes are available at the top left of the page for writing short notes and even better, to send these via e-mail service Gmail or Google calendar, in one click. You can sync it with Sticky notes for Chrome using advanced options.
Speed Dial for Chrome
Like in Firefox, Speed dial for chrome with a fast and interactive design allows you to set the number of dials and select your desired theme and background image, use site logos as your speed dials. Add new dials directly from the speed dial page.
I hope it helped. Feel free to pass on comments.
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