Thursday, 17 May 2012

auto post birthday wishes on facebook wall Of Friend

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Birthdays come and birthdays go.And more often than not we miss wishing our friends. This is especially true of our online network of friends too.One thing you can do is an automated birthday wishes messages on facebook. All these days facebook shows the birthday notice of your friends on your facebook homepage. You need to manually go to their walls and wish them but now this task done by the facebook birthday app. You can send automated birthday wishes.

Auto post Birthday wishes with Autobudder.

Autobudder is an facebook app that helps you to automatically post birthday wishes on the walls of your facebook friends with customized messages from you, at sharp 12, before anyone can. Its hassle free, doubles as a birthday calendar, and at times, just helps maintain those social commitments

How to use AutoBudder ?
  • First log in to your facebook account.
  • Go to
  • Click ‘go to app’ button.
  • Click ‘Allow’ to grant access to the application so that it can collect all the birthday dates of your friends
  • Now in the application, click ‘Set common message!!’
  • You can set custom messages or just allow the default birthday wish message from autobudder.
  • The application displays how the message will appear on wall of your friend.
  • You can also choose to ignore wishing some of your friends by clicking the ignore against your friend’s name.
Now you can set the time zone from the options tab at the top. So that you can set the birthday wish to post exactly at 12 clock. You can enable/disable greeting cards with the birthday message.

Auto post birthday wishes with birthdayFB.

BirthdayFB is a site which helps you to automatically posts birthday wishes on the walls of your Facebook friends. Here's a screenshort from birthdayFB website.

  • First login into your facebook profile.
  • Go to site BirthdayFB and lets connect with facebook.
  • Click allow to grant access the application.
  • Click on the tiny drop down and select Write Message for sending a birthday wish to a selected friend. You can also go into the Write Messages section from the top toolbar to compose your messages.
  • Choose your birthday greetings or write yourself.
  • Go to preferences  and choose your time slot according you.
  • That's all, when the day come your friend automatically received a message

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AutoBudder never worked for me, there is an angry bird thing which does for me but sends a card instead of a text message. Im trying Birthday FB lets see how is it.

thankx for sharing useful info..; even im searching to share online birthday wishes auto wishes...

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