Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to Scan Your Blogger Site for Malware Script

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While choosing a Blogger template people often gets confused whether this template is potentially free from any kind of malware or the developer have incorporated some malicious scripts. Probably, the ideal way to tackle such malicious templates is to scan them through different tools available on the internet. It is always a good thing to inspect your Blogger site on a daily basis by scanning it for potential malware and etc. In this article, we will discuss a few quick ways on How to Scan Your Blogger site for Potentially Malware scripts.


Sucuri is a globally recognize and by far the best Blogger security scanner. They offer a Free-to-use tool that scans your site and provides basic information whether there is any potential risk or not. However, if you are too much worried about your site’s security then you must try its Paid version because it provides a lot of in-depth details. To sum things up, after installing Sucuri it would keep an eye on your site 24x7 and would prevent your site from any security threat. Sucuri Blocks the IP of those users who are found doing suspicious activities. Additionally, they also send alert messages if they notice something Fishy going on your site. This does makes sense.

Believe it or not some leading companies like BBC, CNN, PC World, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb and other companies recommend these guys. These guys are too good and know how to handle things when you are away from your site.

VirusTotal Scanner:

VirusTotal is a subsidiary of Google, which is a free service that helps you to analyze suspicious files and URLs enabling you to identify worms, trojans, malwares and other suspicious files incorporated on your site. It allows you to scan your site on different leading antivirus engines and website scanners. Since, it is a Google service so you can rely on it.

To scan your site on VirusTotal, go to and enter the URL of your site. Now as soon as you hit enter it would inspect your site across different leading scanners and would provide you in-depth details about your site’s security, and safety.

Comodo Web Inspector:

Comodo site inspector is another free tool that does the job quite impressively. It scans your site on the basis of Blacklist Checking, Phishing, Malicious Activity, Malware Downloads and Suspicious Activity. Often hackers target templates to inject links so, it protects your site from any kind of spammy links. Though, it doesn’t provide comprehensive details like Sucuri and VirusTotal but it is worth to check this free tool.

Note: This tool takes a while to scan your site, so please be inpatient when it is working. You can minimize the window and can continue with your work. It would notify you once the scanning is done.

We hope this article would help you to protect your site from any kind of malware or malicious scripts. We want to make this article a great resource for Blogger users, so if you have any better suggestions, then leave them in the comment below.
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Customize the new Facebook Timeline

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Facebook has redesigned user profiles many times over, but the latest version offers the most control (so far) to the actual user. The main difference between the new version and the old version is that all updates and events will display on the right-hand side of the page. Information about you -- along with the samples of friends and photos -- will display on the left side. Unlike the last design, which looked similar to a game of ping-pong happening on your Timeline, this revamp lets you focus on reading updates from friends.
Now for the most useful new feature: the ability to choose which sections will display on your Timeline. Instead of having blank sections on your profile, you can toggle them off. You can even toggle sections off that you've already filled out, if you changed your mind about displaying them. And thankfully Facebook saves the information, so if you toggle it back on later, it will still be filled out.
Ready to start customizing? Just be aware that the About, Friends, and Photos sections cannot be toggled off -- though you can customize their privacy settings.
To pick the sections you want to display on your Facebook Timeline, simply drag your mouse over the About or Friends boxes on the left-hand side. You'll see a small pencil icon appear in the top right-hand corner of that box. Click it and then select Edit sections.
Next, a list of the sections you have available for editing will pop up. If you have apps that post to Facebook on your behalf, you will see them in the list. Put a check next to the sections you want to display. To reorder the sections, simply drag them through the list.
Now you'll only show off the sections you want to, without seeing big gaps for information you decided to leave out.
What do you think of the new Timeline design? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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