Sunday, 13 November 2011

Urban Freestyle Soccer Mediafire Links

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Everybody likes to see those flicks "crazy" with the ball . Some players even became famous for doing it in games important. Now imagine a game offootball at all, but everything is done in style, full of tricks and magic. If unable to do so, then you're imagining Urban Freestyle Soccer .
This game is football , as the NBA Jam basketball . Grab the most creative with a lot of sport and fantasy creates a single mode. If you like footballpure and simple will hate this game, but if they also have a more open-minded about the beautiful game, here you have a good chance to enjoy some of the tricks most bizarre ever. At the outset it is easy to see that this game is ported from the world of consoles, using a file on our hard disk to simulate the memory card . Like most, if not all the games ported to PC , brings with it many limitations to many. levels.
First you can not define the controls that suit us and for those who are right-handed play this game requires great dexterity in hands due to the enormity of key combinations, who is left-hander will have serious problems playing it. Many of the combinations require pressing three or four buttons at the same time.


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