Monday, 21 November 2011

Netcut – Cut Any Computers Network Connection [Windows]

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Net CutAdminister your network based on ARP protocol using NetCut, a classic and user friendly software. It can perform multiple tasks like listing IP-MAC table in seconds, turn the network on & off on any LAN computer or device like routers and switchers. Also in the latest version, you can also change the MAC address on any adapter.

Net Cut

With NetCut you can easily manage and track network events and protect users from ARP SPOOF based attacks with only one click! Also you can cut down any computer’s gateway network connection in no time using pure ARP protocol kernel enhanced cut off function keeping it trace free (nobody will be able to trace what happened).
Features :

  1. Support windows 7 64 bit . The driver and Install package has been upgrade. tested working under windows 7 both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.
  2. Support Clone MAC address from any PC that NetCut monitored.
  3. You can cut any computers network or internet connection with NetCut
  4. Automatic latest Version detect.
  5. NetCut works great on many type of networks like home LAN, office LAN, school LAN or even ISP LAN.
  6. Easy to use: One click to Protect user Computer Function!!! No one in the network can cut you off with ARP spoof technology anymore .
  7. Effective: one Click to Cut down any computer s network connection to the gateway.
  8. IYFT: Get all IP addresses of the computers in your LAN(Local Area Network) in Seconds
  9. High applicability: Work in office LAN,school LAN,or even ISP LAN
  10. Safe: TRACE Free, No one will TRACE out what happen.
NetCut works on Windows operating system. NetCut is provided as a free download for all software users (Freeware)
Download Netcut 2.0.9


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