Saturday, 12 November 2011

* Change your windows startup tune-

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* Change your windows startup tune-

1: Find a song & convert it to WAV format. Try to keep file size small, max at 1MB if u must.

2: Now u need to rename these files to Windows XP Startup.wav & Windows XPShutdown.wav respectively.

3: Now we’ll go ahead & navigate to the folder with current startup & shutdown Windows sounds. Go to My Computer & go to C:\Windows\Media. Here u'll find the files Windows XP Startup.wav & Windows XP Shutdown.wav along with a bunch of other Windows sounds.
Go ahead & move the 2 original files from Media folder to some other backup folder. This is just in case the 2 WAV files u created do not work & u want to revert back to original sound.

4: Now copy the 2 renamed files to the C:\Windows\Media folder & restart pc!

You should now hear new music, songs, or sounds play rather than the default sound.

If u don’t like some of the other default Windows sounds, u can change them also in same manner.

Overall, it’s really simple to change the Windows login & logoff sounds, so it’s something most people will be able to do! Also, there’s no way u can harm or mess up ur pc.




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