Friday, 4 November 2011

Tips to Auto Shutdown PC in UBUNTU

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Linux is a open source Operating system.It is free and more secure than windows.It uses Linux Kernel which was written by Linus Torvalds in 1991.Earlier I gave you the trick to automatically shutdown pc in windowsOperating System.Similarly you can also automate the process of shutdown in UBUNTU

Trick to Auto Shutdown PC in UBUNTU:-
  • Open Terminal window [Ctrl+Alt+T].
  • Run the following command to install Gnome Schedule.
sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule

After installing Gnome Scheduler, open Run Application [Alt+F2]and run the following command in it.
gksu gnome-schedule

Click New—>Recurrent Task

Now in the Description field give any display message that you want to show and in the Command field type
In the Time & Date field set the time when you want to shutdownyour PC and click on Add button.
Now your pc will  Automatically Shutdown at the scheduled time by displaying the message PC Shutdown at Midnight. 


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