Sunday, 23 October 2011

Paste Text in Command Prompt with Ctrl+V and More Try it...

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Being the tech-savvy crowd you are, we figure you use most or all of the standardWindows hotkeys, such as Ctrl+C for copy. It's also probably safe to assume that you break out the command prompt once in a while. Despite being used almost exclusively by experienced users, the command line is frustratingly incompatible with the most basic key combinations.

Plenty of our tips require you to enter text in the command line, some of which can be a real pain to enter manually. To paste text, you either have to right click in the window for a context menu option, or more annoyingly, hit Alt+Space > E > P. Instead of pasting text, the usual Ctrl+V keystroke gives you ^V. 

Fortunately, the How-To Geek has found a simple solution. Here's the rundown: 
1. Download, install and run AutoHotkey.
2. Download and open the Geek's script.
3. Paste text to your heart's content.

Note that the script doesn't break lines that well. Also, you can hide AutoHotkey in the system tray by adding #NoTrayIcon to the top of the script.


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