Friday, 14 October 2011

FIFA 12 vs PES 2012

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As expected, EA Sports pulls a number of excellent scores across the critics all over the gaming community and you can even see some perfect points for the upcoming edition of the FIFA series.

In comparison with it’s closest rival, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, while has been improved quite frantically by Konami, it turns up with mixed reviews.

“This year’s PES title won’t change anyone’s mind about the series. It hasn’t gotten any less complex, but it also hasn’t lost any of its brilliance. In that sense, its success is all its own.” Game Informer said on it’s review while giving PES 2012, 90 out of 100.

Meanwhile, GamePro giving the Konami title 70 out of 100 with them saying, “No two matches — even between the same teams — ever feel quite the same, and it’s that element of surprise that just might, at least offline, make Pro Evolution my go-to soccer game this season.”

One the other hand, it is a different case for FIFA 12 as the scores are no less than the near-perfect, 90 out 100.

Highly critical gaming site, Eurogamer, rated the soccer game 90 out of 100 and described it as “A step forward, and after playing FIFA 12, going back to previous entries in the series seems almost unimaginable. It’s another step closer to reality, and this time it’s a very welcome one.”

IGN which is another leading gaming publication site has giving the title 95 out of 100 by saying; “FIFA 12 has not innovated simply for the sake of it. The gameplay innovations greatly improve the way FIFA plays. Matches unfold with a more authentic tempo, taking it much closer to the real thing.”

So, Which One is the Best ?


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