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5 Most Awaited Games Yet To Be Released

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Do you ever get tired by playing a game you love??
Do you get bored by sitting in the same chair hours and hours continuously just to play a game???
I suppose the answer is NO….
This will be the answer of everyone who is in love with video games. Video games are like an adiiction to a lot of people like me.
Now a days we have a lot more platforms than we used to have, with the likes of PS, XBOX , Nintendo, and different high end graphics cards for PCs the gaming experience has been enhanced several times and this keeps the game lovers glued to their seats.
This year has been very good for the gaming industry with lots of exciting games released already. But we are now going to list some of the games yet to be released and which are creating some sensation in the gaming industry.

1. Deus Ex : Human Revolution
Platforms –  Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
This is basically a single player game. It will take us to the year 2027 with the previous version being plotted in the year 2012, yes this version will take us 25 years in the future. The specialty of this game being that it can be played over and over but every time it has a different outcome all together. Human Revolution deals with trans humanism and it includes  biomechanical  augmentations which are divided into combat, technology, social and stealth. This game is very exciting and will surely test your gaming skills.

Deus Ex Human Revolution1 5 Most Awaited Games Yet To Be Released

2.  Half Life 2 : Episode 3
Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X,Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3.
This is a single person shooter game and this is the final episode of the Half Life 2 series. This game was first announced in the year 2006 and there area many expectations with this game due to its continuous six years in development. Half life fans are eagerly waiting for this game to be released as they think that this game will be one worth remembering for a very long time.

3115 5 Most Awaited Games Yet To Be Released

3.  Bioshock Infinite
     Platforms – Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
The previous version i.e Bioshock sold over 4 million copies world wide which makes Bioshock Infinite one of the most awaiting games of 2012. Bioshock Infinite has lots of new weapons and different abiliities which can make it one of the top games of 2012. The plot of the came changes from the Rapture and rockets to Columbia. This game promises to be a cracker.

bioshock infinite logo 5 Most Awaited Games Yet To Be Released

4.  Battlefield 3
Platforms – Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS
The Battlefield series has produced some big games previously. Even though Battlefield 3 fails to shine in the market yet due to the popularity of the latest Call Of Duty , but we still expect the came to be an awesome one. This is a first person shooter game. It uses a Frostbite 2.0 engine which was previously used in Bad Company 2 and BFBC2 : Vietnam. We hope that EA  and DICE will gain experiences from Bad Company 2, BFBC2 : Vietnam and the latest Medal of Honor in order to win the Battlefield fans back.

a battlefield3 5 Most Awaited Games Yet To Be Released

5. Diablo III
Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
The game takes place in a sanctuary , the dark fantacy world of the Diablo series .This game is also a single player game and can also be played multi player online. The release date of  Diablo III has beed delayed to 2012 but the game promises to be a real classic in the seroes with a new and improved graphics engine to enhance the graphics part and the gaming experience as a whole. Diablo III will surely be a action packed and exciting role playing game similar to its previous versions. The world awaits the relaese of DiabloIII with open arms.
diablo 3 announcement1 5 Most Awaited Games Yet To Be Released

So this were my list of the most awaited games. I would love to hear your list as well. So do send your comments.
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