Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Upcoming PC Games:Grand Theft Auto V

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Almost everybody in this gaming arena knows about Grand Theft Auto vice city game. It is the most played game by anyone; Unique Feature is that it can be played on low end configured PCs . Rockstar games are the producers of the GTA series. Going back into the time GTA vice city, San Andreas and GTA IV are the series which were bought up. Great changes have been made from vice city to GTA IV in the Aspects of graphics, gameplay and visuals. Everything was improved from version by version of the gaming series. Now friends it’s time to say welcome to a new level of Reality in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V).
GTA five

The game has always been about the robbery.Talking about the game, whole new Elements are added. We’d like to appreciate the hard work that Rockstar games had put in to create a masterpiece. You can just feel the reality in the game; It involves southern California covering mountains, ocean, streets and expensive shops etc. For the first time in the history of the game there are 3 heroes lined up. These 3 turns out to be the most wanted thieves in the city of crime. The game just revolves around these Three men, now you might be wondering how you can play three heroes in game? Here Comes the interesting part of the game there is a toggle between the heroes i.e. You can just enter perspective of any hero and accomplish the mission.


 In this game also, three guys are involved in all robberies happening in the Town. Primarily these three men plan the robbery together and execute it Successfully. After the robbery they distribute the cash among them, and then   the money can be spent to buy  things like car, bike, tattoos Etc. The cool added features in the game are diving into the ocean, entering chopper and Fighting with the cops, and every detail is provided when you jump from a building. Tasks are provided on the map. Complete all tasks to  accomplish the game.

ConclusionIt has been said that great Improvements have been made in the gameplay and the game provides a good stability Too. That is what a good game needs. Let’s hope GTA V may have a great opening in Market. Sources say that GTA V is going to be released in September, 2013.


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