Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Add a Recycle Bin to your USB Flash Drive

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We all use USB flash drives to carry our data with us. We also use these flash drive to work on other people's computer. While working on other computers using your own usb flash drive, if you delete a file it will be sent to the windows's recycle bin. What if you wish to recover that file when you are not on the same system. Sometimes, this type of conditions can be panic. 
Having a recycle bin in your flash drive is a nice idea which will store all the data deleted from the flash drive.
iBin is a nice tool which create a different recycle bin in your flash drive. Download this file and put it in the flash drive. When you are working on some other person's computer, Run the ibin.exe file from the flash drive. Now delete files by pressing the Windows Key + Delete. Remember the shortcut keys. It is important When this shortcut key is pressed, any deleted file will be sent to the Flash Drive Recycle Bin instead of the Windows Recycle Bin. 

If you press delete button only. files will be sent to the window's recycle bin. So it is important to take care of the shortcut keys.
You can access all deleted files inside the iBin folder in Flash drive. You can also access those files by opening the iBin container folder to display a window like the one shown above.


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