Saturday, 10 December 2011

Adding Header Image to Dynamic Views

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Adding Header Image to Dynamic Views

Using Blogger Dynamic Views, you will notice that the traditional Header Image option is missing. This is something most bloggers have been asking Blogger about. The good news is, Blogger is aware and they mentioned that these customizations are being rewritten to function in this new environment.

Until then, let me share something you could find helpful in adding a header image to your blog with Dynamic Views enabled:
  1. On your Dashboard, click on a Blog you want to add a header image
  2. Hit Customize
  3. On Blogger Designer, click on Advanced
  4. add CSS, then type:
#header .header-bar{
background: url('insert image your url here') fixed;

Here's a sample from one of my blogs:

I recommend that you use a 1200x65 image to cover the entire header bar. Please note that the header texts will still be visible even if you set it to transparent. So come up with an image which can go well with the texts.

Let me know if this works for you.



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