Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Double your uTorrent Speed!! Get Double Speed

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After trying all the methods available in the internet i was failed to increase uTorrent download speed maybe 1-2kb which is not worth of effort. But lucky me i got a great trick to double your uTorrent speed and this really works. Give it a try i am sure you will not be unhappy.

uTorrent: uTorrent is a software that lets you download files from multiple other people at once. Torrent technology is often faster than other forms of downloading since each user gives different parts of the same file to everyone else downloading the file. To increase the speed more just you need to do a few steps.

To start/perform this trick you have to download and install a software. Find the link below:

Download Cheat Engine 6.1

Your anti-virus may give warning just ignore that or you may have to turn off your anti-virus to download/install this software.

Install it.

Current/Before Trick uTorrent Speed:

Now run Cheat Engine and uTorrent both.

In Cheat Engine you will find one computer icon.

Click on this and now you will find one process list select uTorrent from the process list and click open.

Now again click the computer icon and select the uTorrent process and
under open you will get one option "Attach debugger to process". Click on it.

Now you will get one confirmation box. Click yes.

Now on Cheat Engine check the option "Enable Speedhack".
You will get speed box. Make it 0.5 . Click Apply.

Now Check your speed. It just increased to double.

Note: Don't Close Cheat Engine


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